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Full Custom Mask Wraps

  1. Once you decide you want an Outer Layer Skin on whatever it is you want it on, we will discuss the general design and the elements you want on it.

  2. Once you've approved the direction the design will take, and have paid your deposit, design work will begin and is non-refundable once it has begun. 

  3. You'll receive one proof of your project. As an example that would be the right side, the left side, the crown/chin and the backplate design (if applicable) of a helmet. Take your time, and think over the design, note any changes you wish to have made, compile everything you come up with and send it back to me.

  4. I will send you a final image to review and sign off on. If, for any reason, I have missed a revision request, that will be take care of with no charge to you. If you decide to change something that wasn't part of the initial design or initial proof, I will determine what that change will cost, get your approval on it, and it will be added to your final amount due.

  5. When the design is completely approved, you will need to ship your project to me. Your design will be measured, printed and prepped, then I will apply the vinyl to the project, and send you pictures of the completed design. The application process takes about a day, as I usually send the graphics off for printing after measurements are taken and get the vinyl back in short order. I work with an out-of-house printing specialist, and I do not upcharge their services. What I pay is what you would pay. And, as you can tell, it's a quick process.

  6. The final payment will be sent to me and I will ship or deliver your project back to you.

This would not be fun to paint. But with a wrap? Easy as pie!


It’s a question everyone wants to know. So here’s the answer. A facemask wrap is $350, and a backplate wrap is $50. I also charge for shipping to you, via USPS Priority Mail (insured).

A few notes. I accept PayPal only. I send an invoice for both payments, and you can pay based on those, and I handle the PayPal fees on my end. This works in your favor, as you can take advantage of PayPal Credit, and take 6 months to pay for your project, same as cash. 

If during shipping your helmet is damaged in any way, please let me know, as I always ship insured. When you ship your helmet to me, please apply the appropriate insurance necessary to cover the project from your end. I figure insurance into my shipping on my end. I ship USPS exclusively, but feel free to use whatever source you wish to ship your helmet to me.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us
Even simple designs are difficult to tell that they were individual pieces unless you get up close on the helmet, seen here on a Clarkson University (NCAA D1) helmet, worn by goaltender Jenna Brenneman during the team's championship season.
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