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DIY Gets It Done

brody cavanaugh

Let's be real here for a second. Not everyone can afford to get custom paint, and that's why wraps are so attractive. Highly durable, incredibly affordable, and really customizable. That being said, the custom full-wrap option isn't always the best choice for some netminders. Sometimes you have to deal with a change in your team's colors, your team's logo, your team's mascot … and a full-wrap just isn't in the budget. Especially not with that new chesty you've been wanting. 

In comes DIY Partial Wraps to the rescue. I've come up with a bevy of stock designs, and have included ways to customized them for your needs. They often come with enough extra striping to include continuing the design over to your backplate. 

And when you go with DIY Custom Logo designs, it gets REALLY fun! You can have your team's colors, and your team's logo on both sides, or you can easily incorporate your name on one side, and your team logo on the other. With a whole slew of color options available, you can even flip the main and support colors on half the stripes, and even on the hemispheres. 

And while that sounds like a lot of fun, and is really exciting, someone is always going to bring it down to earth with …


The answer is emphatically "No." We've designed the components to keep you out of the trouble spots with large pieces (the forehead ridges, for instance), and allowed for a fair amount of coverage with a large number of stripes, to give the illusion of a complete, fully-wrapped and ready for prime time mask. 

Without breaking your bank. Which brings us to … 



Pricing for DIY Partial Wraps is pretty straightforward. 

  1. Most DIY Partial Wraps start at $60. 
  2. Custom Colors have a slight upcharge to cover file handling
  3. Custom Logo DIYs are slightly more, to cover the cost of color-coordinating the backing art, and cleaning up the logo for use with your wrap. 
  4. All DIY Partial Wraps are made-to-order, and are typically shipped within a 3-5 day window.

If you have a suggestion for a wrap theme, a tribute suggestion or any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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