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About Wraps
A vinyl wrap on a goalie helmet or catcher’s mask (the bulk of my work) is different in terms of design from a painted helmet, but is as durable as a well-coated paint job. The process involves printing the design on 3M ControlTac vinyl, laminating it, and then taking the sections of the design and applying them to the helmet. Due to the multitude of peaks and valleys on a helmet, completely and seamlessly wrapping a helmet cannot be done. But what can be done is sectional application, working with the helmet's structure to work best with the vinyl application.

In the samples you see in my photo gallery, like the Iron Workers Tribute helmet done for Brian Hamilton (Peoria Rivermen, Peoria Mustangs) below, you can see how intricate designs can be. Highly detailed work is vinyl’s forte.

The superheroes and the lettering would be challenging in paint, but are no big deal in vinyl.
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